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Over the years, I have been asked several common questions about the area and relocating here.  I hope this answers some of yours!!  If not, don't hesitate to ask via email or by completing the Free Infomation section from the main page.  I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

Question: What are the people like in the Raleigh area? Will I and my family feel accepted and comfortable?

You will find that the majority of the people in the Triangle area are like you; having moved here from somewhere else.  They know what it's like to have been the new person on the block. Therefore you will find people to be outwardly warm and welcoming. Also, you have heard of southern hospitality.  You will find no friendlier people than the local folks who grew up here.  Probably the most feedback I hear from clients who visit for the first time is just how much they were made welcome and from a personal perspective, having lived in several other areas of the country, I feel more at home here than any where else I have lived.

QuestionWhat are the schools like?

This area has a wonderful reputation for schools with more North Carolina schools of excellence than anywhere else in the state.  North Carolina schools are county based and therefore school assignments are not necesssarily neighborhood based and redistricting due to population growth has become somewhat common here.  This is normally the major concern of most incoming parents, not so much the schools themselves.  For those that this is a concern, there are also several very fine private schools, mostly located in Raleigh & Cary.  For more information on schools, go to the SCHOOL INFO link. Most of the counties have excellent websites.

QuestionWhat about property taxes?

Property taxes here are based upon the county you live in plus whether you are situated within  city/town limits which have their own tax rate.  Property taxes are based upon a dollar per assessed $100.00 of home value.  For example, if you owned a home situated within the city limits of Raleigh, you would pay a county tax of $.534 plus a city tax of $.3826 for a combined total of $.9166 per assessed $100 of home/property value.  Reassessments are done every eight (8) years.  For new construction, the assessed value is typically between 80% to 90% of the purchase price.  If you would like a copy of the most current tax rates for the Triangle, please request it by using the form under the Free Area Information link.

QuestionWhat about neighborhoods?  

The Triangle area is comprised of literally hundreds of PUDS (Planned Unit Developments).  Where you decide to live will be based of course upon price range, desired commute to work, airport or shopping,  but also by community amenities and lifestyle you desire.  Many developments offer swimming pool(s), tennis, fitness centers, playgrounds and some even golf course(s). Many others don't offer anything specific other than similarly priced homes and lots.  One very common factor is that most communities have some form of homeowners association and associated HOA fees.  Fees vary dramatically as well as what they do and do not include, so be sure to inquire about those while searching for your next home.  

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