Home Down Payment , Go Low or High?

According to the November 2017 REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey recently put out by the National Association of Realtors, 61 percent of  first time home buyers made a low down payment on their mortgage. These were amounts of 6% or less. This is actually down from a high of 70 percent back in 2010 and 63 percent in

Home Sales Expected to Escalate Through 2018

By now just about every would-be buyer out there knows there simply aren’t enough homes for sale these days to appease the hordes of competition. But despite the shortages, rising prices, and bidding wars, home sales are expected to be higher  than in the past decade In 2017, the number of home sales of existing homes

Vacationing With Dogs in North Carolina

With summer vacation plans being made, those of us with dogs have to plan what to do with them as well.  You can’t always rely on family or friends and boarding can become an expensive part of your vacation.  Vacationing with dogs mean choosing a place to spend the night can get complicated. Most states now have

To FSBO or Not to FSBO? That is the Question

FSBO vs. Real Estate Professional Today’s digital age empowers people to do more from their laptop or cell phone than ever before.  Home sellers are now feeling the ability to try FSBO (For Sale By Owner) more than ever. The feeling among many sellers is they can advertise their home as easily as a real estate agent can,

Is A Home Warranty Worth the Money ??

Home Warranties were the recent topic of a local Raleigh, NC  television report on the need of a home warranty or not when purchasing a home.  It was spurred by  consumer complaints received about repairs not being done timely, the additional expenses, and needed repairs that were not covered like people thought.   They also complained about the