Simple Rules When Shopping For A Home

Shopping for a home can be very exciting, especially if this is your first time.  There are home buying rules and etiquette which should be followed when searching for a home. Whether you have scheduled appointments with your agent or are attending an Open House on your own, these are small but important rules that

Home Measurement Disclaimer : Square Footage

“It is often said that the three most important factors in making a home buying decision are “location,” “location,” and “location.”  Other than “location,” the single most-important factor is probably the size or “square footage” of the home. Not only is it an indicator of whether a particular home will meet a homebuyer’s space needs,

Home Down Payment , Go Low or High?

According to the November 2017 REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey recently put out by the National Association of Realtors, 61 percent of  first time home buyers made a low down payment on their mortgage. These were amounts of 6% or less. This is actually down from a high of 70 percent back in 2010 and 63 percent in

Home Sales Expected to Escalate Through 2018

By now just about every would-be buyer out there knows there simply aren’t enough homes for sale these days to appease the hordes of competition. But despite the shortages, rising prices, and bidding wars, home sales are expected to be higher  than in the past decade In 2017, the number of home sales of existing homes