I used Ernie to sell my house in North Raleigh. I had interviewed several agents in the area and thought that an agent with a flat fee might work for me. Believe me, I did a lot of preparation as far as marketing, de-cluttering, cleaning and staging. But there were some unexpected hurdles that I encountered that only a trained agent could navigate. And you guessed it! Ernie helped me offering me sage advice plus helped me navigate those hurdles handily. And this from a “flat fee” agent. I think it was Ernie’s true desire to help and generous personality which made him go above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Ernie as your full or flat fee agent. He is ethical, experienced and has a huge heart. Oh, and my house went to contract in less than 30 days and closed without a hitch! Thank You Ernie!

– M. Hughes

He is Ethical, Experienced and Has a Huge Heart

Although we only engaged Ernie in a limited capacity ( Flat Fee Listing) ,he provided great service that helped us sell our house quickly. We would recommend Ernie to anyone selling a house and if we decide to buy another one we will reach out to Ernie.

– M. Ramchandani



He Provided Great Service That Helped Us Sell Our Home Quickly

Ernie went above and beyond to help me sell my townhouse in Hedingham. He was always available to answer questions and explain the process. I would highly recommend Ernie Behrle. He was honest and professional throughout the sales process. He helped me more than I can say. Thanks Ernie. ( Flat Fee Listing)

– D Troidl

Ernie went above and beyond…

While selling my townhome in North Raleigh, Ernie explained technical and other terms in the legal documents that no other real estate agent had ever taken the time to do with me before. I found this most helpful in my decision-making. He also went out of his way to be helpful to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ernie Behrle to anyone I know who would be looking for a Realtor to represent them in their real estate transactions.

-J. Benton

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Explained Technical Terms That No Other Real Estate Agent Had Ever Taken The Time To Do Before

When looking to purchase my first home, I put my trust into the hands of Ernie Behrle to guide me through the process. Ernie was very attentive to my likes and dislikes, and made many recommendations of potential places to look at in the areas I was focused on. He was very responsive to messages and any concerns I had throughout the entire process from start to finish, and he always made himself available to look at potential houses during the week and on weekends. He is very knowledgeable of all real estate regulations and made sure that I had all of the information I needed to make a sound decision when I submitted an offer on a property. When the submitted offer was accepted, he walked me through the entire process to make sure that the closing happened as scheduled. I would highly recommend Ernie to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in the Raleigh area based on how smooth my experience was. When the time comes for me to buy again in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Ernie once again. —


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He Was Very Responsive to Messages and Any Concerns

We were very pleased with Ernie’s commitment to selling our house.  He first visited our home before meeting us and discovered a water leak.  He was very proactive about cleaning up the leak , finding a bucket and double checking on it later because he knew we were out of town.  I was very impressed with his professionalism.  He is personable and works hard to present your property well.  We had lots of challenges with selling our home because of inspection problems and the current market at the time.  It sat empty for a long time but Ernie stuck with it and kept a close eye on the property for us.  He caught several potential problems before they became bigger issues.  We are pleased with the final results and would use Ernie again.

-The Beach’s

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I Was Very Impressed With His Professionalism

Ernie does an excellent job in finding what a buyer really wants and getting interest in a property for sale.  I have and will continue to recommend Ernie for and real estate business in Raleigh.

-C. Bennett

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Ernie Does An Excellent Job In Finding What A Buyer Really Wants

Our family recently relocated from Texas to the Raleigh area.  We were assisted in our home purchase by Ernie Behrle.  We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for Ernie and the help he gave us.  He spent many hours showing us different homes, explaining the benefits of each locale and ensuring our comfort with each area.  He even scheduled an appointment with the principal of the elementary school our children would be attending!  Upon our return, Ernie kept in constant contact with us and served as our representative in the home inspection and final walk through of the property we chose to buy.  Further, after our move to Raleigh, he continued to visit us to ensure our comfort and that we were properly settled into our new home.  He definitely went above and beyond in his work for us!

-The Martin Family

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He Definitely Went Above And Beyond In His Work For Us

We very much enjoyed working with Ernie Behrle in the purchase of our new home.  He compassionately led us around many pitfalls until we finally found our home.  I can’t wait to see how quickly he sells it for us when it is time to leave!

-C. Wessenburg

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He Compassionately Led Us Around Until We Found Our Home