rental propertyAre you the owner of a rental property in Raleigh or the surrounding area and have not enlisted the services of a property management company? Have an empty rental property that needs a tenant? If so, consider listing your property with BuySmart Realty. BuySmart is not a RPM company and services are for “listing” your rental property only.  BuySmart offers a flat free program that will gain you much more exposure than you will obtain by simply placing the home on sites like Craigslist. Your rental listing will post to the Triangle Multiple Listing System where agents working with potential renters can search and view your home.  It will also flow automatically to other real estate sites, .ie , There it can be found by anyone in the general public searching for a rental home. BuySmart Realty does not represent ‘renters’, therefore any leads or inquiries that come in to BuySmart as a result of the advertising can optionally be forwarded to you directly.  All that is required is a small fee in return for any lead that converts to a confirmed tenant. This fee is in lieu of any fee you offer to a procuring agent as part of the listing. . 


  • List rental property on the Triangle Multiple Listing System for up to 120 days with up to 25 pictures provided by you. Flat fee of $425.00 for services.  
  • Professionally taken pictures optionally available for $125.00 . ( Payable directly to photographer) 
  • Your home will be exposed to currently some 11,000 agents associated with Triangle MLS. 
  • Internet coverage on 88 national real estate websites.  Your internet presence increases significantly! 
  • Showing appointments can be handled by ShowingTime .
  • Personalized feedback sent directly to you from ShowingTime when provided by Renter’s agent
  • All leads directly to BuySmart will optionally be forwarded to you.  $50.00 fee due to BuySmart Realty for any conversions of a lead provided by BuySmart to you directly that becomes a renter/tenant.
  • NO need to be at home for Realtor® showings if lock box is used.
  • Combo lock box available for a separate rental fee of $40.00 
  • BuySmart Realty does not provide Rental Signs. 
  • Potential renter’s agent  negotiate directly with you.
  • BuySmart Realty is not responsible for pre-screening potential renters
  • Copies of all required North Carolina forms provided to you at no charge
  • *Flat Fee of $425 due at time of listing. Payment by check or PayPal.

For more information or to set up a rental listing agreement with BuySmart Realty, contact Ernie Behrle at 919-795-5447 via phone or text  You may also send email to


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